Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nielsen's Three Screens Report

The Nielsen Company, long known for its data on American television viewing habits, now also seeks to measure and analyze how people interact with traditional media (like television) and newer digital platforms (like mobile phones and the Internet). Nielsen issues a quarterly “Three Screens Report” regarding television, Internet, and mobile usage in the U.S. (See In its Fourth Quarter 2009 report, Nielsen noted that Americans continue to watch more TV each year. The report found that those aged 50 and older watched an average of 198 hours of television a month, nearly twice as much as children and teens, and 38% more than 18-54 year olds, percentages that continue to increase.

The report also found that people are viewing more online video than ever before, with short video, such as YouTube video clips, accounting for 83% of online video viewing. While younger adults to the age of 25 watch much more online video than older adults 65+, older adults are keeping pace with increased use of television, playback video, and Internet, with nearly twice as many people viewing as children and teens. What’s clear from the data is that all age groups within a typical congregation are expanding their use of the “three screens” technologies, and keeping track of “The Three Screens Report” is an excellent way to watch for continuing trends.

As both youth and adults increase their engagement with their “three screens” at home and on the go, will the church find ways to encourage conversations that connect biblical text and theological perspective with the content that church members experience through the stories and messages found in short video and film clips, music, and imagery?

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